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Dr.Zakir Naik's Speech on Women's Rights in Islam

This video contains the Public Speech of Dr.ZAkir Naik on the topic "Women's Rights in Islam" in Emglish.

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Sahitha MH

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Reviewer: nazmin - - December 26, 2014
Subject: polygamy
It was a mal practice in ancient times first it was prohibited by islam in quran as u told.And then our prophet completely
banned it during an issue of his daughter fathima. At that special Occasion prophet stood on mimber and said its not allowed.
Next u told many reasons to make polygeny allowed . Firstly about female foetus which can survive germs_ .Ithink u aware of that all kind of such differenciation occur after 3 months.and before that is most chance to be aborted And again Allah said in quran that he will provide some with girl child and some others with boy chlid and others with no child .from which it is clear that he has equal importance to both sex .but u told girls are more created by Allah.The protectve nature of female foetus may be protection from Allah who knew the nature of men who kills girl child from ancient timesand continuing that process till today.And scientifically females are more susceptible to infectious diseases that lead to many disorders and even death, so female foetus need more strength to survive.
Allah said in quran that he created each from female and male to make a pair., which indicates he is not created man in polygamic nature
And next if wife handicapped who will take care of u? Allah said in Quran that couples should shower love and mercy upon each other .please think , such a pair will bear each other in any kind of agony. I wish, u will understand the meaning of life as our prophet said , the best gift for u in this world is a good pair that may be husband or wife .Both have right to win love and life. A man who has no love in his heart is not a muslim.primary concern in marriage life is adjustments, not divorce, that Allah most hates.your cruel comments are misleading people in various ways.
And also your words have zero value in islam as u told and so u quote words from quran and believable hadiths.
Give more importance to adrenal hormones that u create when stating such comments in good men, loving pairs and poor woman than your sexhormones.
Any woman or man who have no pair will not become a male or female prostitute.Allah told us to down our sights.Did u remember imam gazzali whole was not married.Priests and sisters indulged in sexual assault cases are rare .dont make it a common u remember mother theresa...?.And nowadays married men and women are more involved in such cases.such people have bad mind set ,.we dont want to support them.
Muslims should follow quran and true hadiths.Prophet muhammed s.w.w heard that his son in law , husband of fathima , is going to marry another woman. At that occasion our prophet announced standing on the mimber that marriage is not allowed without divorcing first wife.This hadith is explaining polygamy Is not allowed .All mullahs are hiding this hadith from common people.why?
In dark era, the era our prophet came from people practiced both polygeny and polyandry. You are hiding these things from common people.What is the obstacle ?
It is your pride that making you such a person.Our prophet said ,those with trace of pride will not enter paradise(muslim).
You look sex ratio of age group 15-65 ,which is equal in female and male proportion. American cities has highest ratio of women. And you are only talking about America. What about india and other countries which has lesser proportion of females.
Allah is explains in many quran ayaths that he created male and female with equal importance.Man and woman has neutralising abilities and duties in family life.

I liked ur explanations u are giving for many islam related doubts
I am a true believer of Allah . I wish u will change .